Thursday, January 31, 2013

Historic Fire at Gray Towers

If you've read my previous entries on G.G. Green's palatial Gray Towers estate, you'll know that the lovely mansion pictured in the foreground in the above image met its demise by a devastating fire in 1968. However it wasn't the only time the building experienced a blaze. In 1903, a fire was accidently started in a cedar closet on the southeast corner of the second floor by a candle carried by Mrs. Angie, Green's wife. Miss Altedena, Green's daughter in the confusion nearly walked into the blazing closet. Read the riveting story originally printed in the November 12th 1903 issue of the Woodbury Daily Times:

3 comments: said...

What Building burned in 1968, do you mean Belber Trunk Building? That burned in March of 1970.

Village Green said...

Hi Bob, Col. Green's mansion, which became the Catholic School burned down in 1968. I wrote about the "Belber Trunk Fire," a different building and blaze, here:

Scott S. Drake said...

Always great to see these pieces of history, great job.
Scott Drake