Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Preservation Potentials: 30 Newton Avenue

Attention: Victorian House Lovers, Steampunks, Anglophiles, and fellow appreciators of all things antique! I'm not sure old-house hunters outside the immediate area realize the unique architectural offerings this quaint city has in store. In some cases these houses will require a little creativity to restore them to their former glory, but most will have retained a large semblance of the magnificent days of English-inspired American architecture, for a fraction of the cost found in other areas. The City of Woodbury offers a generous tax abatement program for conversions from multi-house setups back to single family homes, further details HERE.

Today's featured house is an amazing three story brick Victorian built in 1893. The left side is for sale, listed at $152,000 and features many original details such as original porch, 1st floor bay window and double entry doors. The right side of the building houses a quiet lawyers office. Newton Avenue is a lovely street populated with many fine Victorian houses, one of the best is situated right across the street, so you would have a lovely view of an immaculately maintained and stately home (see the second picture below for the partial view).

with this porch, one can surely travel back in time.

As it stands now, 30 Newton is separated into various offices so potential office space rental income exists, but the house is multi zoned so there would be no problem converting it back into a single family home or a live-in office with 2477 square feet of living space.

For the listing visit: HERE. It is my opinion that reviving a once grand city is a community effort that largely starts at home. Vested homeowners that value the history and heritage of their house and who treat their home as an extension of the family and not just some place to crash, can and do make a difference. Preserve the past, to better the future!