Friday, January 20, 2012

Bird's Eye View 1886 style

Below is a small excerpt from the amazingly detailed historic panoramic map of the City of Woodbury created by O.H. Bailey and Co. in 1886. One can clearly see how navigable and important Woodbury Creek was in those days and how many businesses used the watery thoroughfare to their advantage. I would personally love to see some kind of ferry service to Philadelphia restored, but not sure to what extent the creek has changed over the many years to allow such travel.

click image for larger version

Other points of interest on the map are the original covered bridge on Broad Street over the creek and the trellis bridge on Hunter over the railroad tracks. Note Newton Avenue, a prominent Victorian street parallel and between Hunter and Cooper streets, was not yet created. The view is towards the East. What else do you see? Feel free to comment!

The full version of the map is freely available from the inimitable Library of Congress HERE.