Friday, March 2, 2012

Preservation Potentials: 108 Euclid & 78 Hunter

Attention: Victorian House Lovers, Steampunks, Anglophiles, and fellow appreciators of all things antique! I'm not sure old-house hunters outside the immediate area realize the unique architectural offerings Woodbury, NJ has in store. In some cases these houses will require a little creativity to restore them to their former glory, but most will have retained a large semblance of the magnificent days of English-inspired American architecture, for a fraction of the cost found in other areas.

Today we feature two historic houses right next to each other, both for sale. These particular buildings are listed at a higher cost than what we usually feature here for the Preservation Potentials posts, but it is not often you find restored turn-key Queen Anne Victorian houses side-by-side offered for sale. These two buildings were last used as professional offices, but both feature ample living space as well. They are located at the NE corner of Hunter St. and Euclid St., adjacent to the Gloucester County Justice Complex. As of June 30, 2013 the Gloucester County Jail has closed. No inmates of any kind are held in the Justice Complex center, making these houses even more attractive.


The Albert Dell House located at 78 Hunter is a magnificent circa 1890, 3 story Queen Anne with unique corner tower and lots of original features. In its current setup, the building contains 2 large conference rooms, reception and waiting area, kitchen and powder room on main floor; 3 large offices with plenty of closet space, copy area, and full bath on second floor; and 3 or 4 additional office spaces on third floor. Ample file storage in basement. Beautiful and original woodwork throughout. Dual staircase in front and rear of interior leading to second floor. Parking lot attached for off street parking. Nicely landscaped with sprinkler system. Security system in place. Listed HERE for $375,000 $345,000 $295,000!!



108 Euclid is a lovely 3 story Queen Anne building featuring original woodwork, inlay flooring, windows, etc throughout, with several gas and faux fireplaces. Set up as professional office, it features a large reception area, several large conference rooms and 8+ offices. There is a kitchen on the main floor and 2 kitchenettes on the second and third, with a bathroom on every level. Handicap access and modifications present. Large basement with ample file storage. Listed HERE for $550,000 $460,000 $395,000!!


It is my opinion that reviving a once grand city is a community effort that largely starts at home. Vested homeowners that value the history and heritage of their house and who treat their home as an extension of the family and not just some place to crash, can and do make a difference. Preserve the past, to better the future!